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The Dopest Thing  I'm Doing Right Now

This is the first occasion that I've had to run the production of a massive, investigative audio docuseries. It's a bold 10-episode run about the long-incarcerated Larry Hoover - the man, the myth, and infamous founder of Gangster Disciples...

Presented by Breakbeat Media, in collaboration with my audio production company -- BIA Media -- it's a highly anticipated, investigative narrative podcast taking a closer look at his case and just who exactly IS Larry Hoover???

Dave Mays, founder of The Source Magazine & Hip-Hop Awards, put together an all-star team including Executive Producers Kierna Mayo Smith and Brett Jeffries, Yohance Lacour (reporting) and myself, Bia Medious (producing).

3-min trailer may be available upon request. Ask me about the screener...


Change Agents: "People v. Environmental Racism" S1 E6

Chicago’s southeast side community has strong views on environmental health due to a history of being the City of Chicago’s dumping ground. The newest injustice: Reserve Management Group is slated to bring the highly controversial 100-year-old General Iron shredding facility from Lincoln Park to the south east side community in 2021. Deep in the fight to stop this are community activists and organizations like the Alliance of the South East, struggling to be heard and have a seat at the decision-making table. This episode examines the actions and proposed solutions at the heart of grassroots activism.

Hope From The Front Lines: "Surviving COVID" | S1 E16

Healthcare workers in homes face increased exposure risk to Covid-19, just like traditional front line workers. So why are employers using loopholes in the law to avoid paying some essential workers sick leave? The Families First Coronavirus Response Act covers pay, if you’re infected by COVID. For home healthcare workers, it’s only...

Hope from the Front Lines is a weekly podcast featuring stories of black and brown women who are members of SEIU HCIIMK on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis.

Nerdette: "Rad Girls Who Changed The World"

These days there are more and more celebrations of women who might have otherwise been relegated to the footnotes of history.

They’re finally getting their own books, movies, and streets named after them.

And here at Nerdette, we’re all about that. Totally into it. Zero complaints.

But what is equally as wonderful is when the spotlight also lands on accomplished young women. And that’s what author Kate Schatz and illustrator Miriam Klein Stahl have done with their book, Rad Girls Can, which tells the stories of inspiring young women who have made positive impacts on the world before turning 20.

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