audio producer. investigative journalist. photojournalist. engagement specialist.


My Services

My preferred lane is narrative audio docuseries, usually profiling people or complex issues... but I enjoy working all aspects of the craft. 

Partnering with media companies of all sizes, I've developed a variety of skillsets, including:

studio recording | field recording | remote recording | interviewing | voiceover | producing | mixing | tape syncs | sound design | scrubbing and audio editing | show development | reporting | researching | scripting | writing | story editing | marketing | audience development | social media | budgeting | logistics and coordination | booking | teaching | mentoring | consulting | photography

About Me

Highkey: I'm an award-winning, multi-hyphenate creative working across mediums to tell stories that matter. 

Lowkey: I'm just another Black girl from the southside of Chicago, trying to make the city that raised me proud. 

Seen at WBEZ|Chicago's NPR News Source & USA Today

Schooled at University of Illinois & Medill School of Journalism


“The way to right wrongs is to turn the light of truth upon them.”

Ida B Wells